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Music Workshops for Schools


We provide music workshops for schools, catering for between 10 & 210 (yes 210!) students giving them a rich insight into how songs are written, recorded and/or performed within the music industry
We teach half, full day or week long courses and all equipment is provided

We offer a variety of music workshops that can be tailored to suit your needs:

Song Writing & Recording Workshops

We can help the students structure and pen their own song. Our skilled team of writers can work with learners to combine language, music and ICT with immediate results. Our aim is to involve every student in the process of writing, performing and producing a song, which can be presented to the school as a finished recording at the end of the workshop. The lyrical content can be targeted to any subject or cover any recent project

Beatles Workshop

With Dan Clews’ affiliations with The Beatles and Sir George Martin, Dan presents an enriching, hands on workshop about the role of a producer and primarily Sir George’s involvement with The Beatles. The students then get to produce their own version of a Beatles classic, with each group adding their own parts to the recording. A finished recording and live performance of the chosen song is the end goal

Voices in Harmony

Students are trained in vocal technique, safe singing, close harmony singing and blending of voices. Using a tailored range of classic and contempary musical theatre, gospel and pop music, students are initiated into the art of company singing and learn fast techniques for picking up and remembering harmony lines, culminating in a short public performance. This course is best suited to Key Stage 4 and 5 students

Band Workshops and Classical Chamber Ensembles

Working with students with some playing experience, we can help young musicians improve their performance technique and develop ensemble skills; whether they are a classical string quartet or a rock band, we have the specialists. This can also be effective as a weekly after school club or holiday project

Drum Workshops

We can either supply or utilise school resources to provide one off or regular drum workshops. Exploring the possibilities of poly-rhythms, dynamics, time keeping and improvisation students will work together to create a high energy sound scape. This is a great all-inclusive team building exercise where volume levels are equalled by levels of fun and enjoyment  

Ukelele Orchestra 

We have a full set of Ukeleles to get your students up and running in a fully-fledged Ukelele Orchestra. We can cater for up to 10 students as they explore the joys of playing in an ensemble. We keep it cool, making the repertoire quirky and modern, you’d be surprised what songs lend themselves to the Ukelele and how much students can pick up in just a few hours. This activity can either be run as a one-off workshop or as a regular after school club

Record an Ensemble

We have all the equipment and expertise to record your school choir, ensemble, orchestra, musical or band. Make a school album to sell to parents, get students to design and market the CD, raise money for the school! 

Technology Training

Working alongside music departments to provide technology assistance. Thinking of investing in a midi suit, or recording studio? We Teach can advise on this and provide the necessary training to get the new investment up and running in the most cost efficient manner. We have no affiliations with suppliers so our priority is to get the best deal for the schools, and get it working for you

Music Industry Lectures

Aimed at those interested in taking their studies further, we offer lectures outlining career opportunities that students may not be aware of and how best to train and network their way in to those positions

Assembly Talks

Dan Clews is available to speak in morning or afternoon assemblies, giving a performance followed by an insightful talk about his experiences within the music industry

Music Technology enrichment

For A-level, GCSE & BTech as well as extra-curricular or subject enrichment


What the Schools say

“For any pupil interested in the record industry including any budding musicians out there, Dan Clews's Beatle workshop was the perfect ending to Year 8 study of the Beatles.  Dan’s expertise and enthusiasm of the subject came over to all the pupils.  At the end of the workshop our pupils were able to perform their own production of a Beatles classic.  A brilliant day, enjoyed by all”.  

J Hughes, Bursar, Windsor Park Middle School

“Dan’s workshops are fantastic – the students are inspired, entertained and see true talent at work”  

Luke Harrison, Head Master, Sevenoaks Prep School

Times and Days

Full and half-day music workshops are available during term time. Contact us direct to discuss in more detail here


Each school workshop is created bespoke to match your needs so pricing does vary.

You can also find our more about our Music Teachers. In addition to running music workshops they can also work as Peripatetic Music Teachers.